Pastel Accounting Status 116 error


The error normally occurs when trying to open Pastel or company over network. 


Status 116 is an error specific to Pervasive working over a network. The first thing to understand is that a Status 116 can have a number of causes. Generally, the issue is that the computers are not communicating correctly across the network.


 Follow the steps below.

 NOTE: Wireless networks will work with Pastel, however we do not recommend it as it is not as stable as wired networks. You are more likely to experience network related errors on wireless networks than on a wired network.

Programs that can block Pervasive from installing or running successfully:

Follow the steps below in sequence:

  1. Check if correct version of Pervasive Engine is running
  2. Check Pervasive Licenses
  3. Checking for *.LOC files
  4. Setting up a Gateway
  5. Performing a Pervasive Network Check
  6. Windows Firewall: Adding Pervasive Ports
  7. User Account Control
  8. Pervasive not correctly installed

Check if correct version of Pervasive Engine is running

In a multi-user environment, the correct version of Pervasive needs to be installed on all the computers.

Registered version

Installed version

Check Pervasive Licenses


Version 8 and Version 9: Will show 1 line, the license type will be Permanent, this license will show the total of users you are registered for example: Permanent 5.

Version 10: Will show 2 lines, 1 Permanent and one User Count Increase. Example if you are registered for 5 users you would have 1 Permanent and one User Count Increase of.

Checking for *.LOC files

Follow the steps below on all Pastel computers on the network:

Setting up a Gateway

Setting up the server as a Gateway for Pervasive will force the workstations to point to one computer when it comes to Pervasive.

This process needs to be followed on the server as well as all the workstations. Refer to article How do I assign Pervasive gateway

Performing a Pervasive Network Check 

Refer to article How do I test Pervasive/Actian communication from my workstation to the server and vice versa? (using Pervasive System Analyzer).

Windows Firewall: Adding Pervasive Ports

We recommend that you add the Pervasive Database Manager and Ports to your Windows Firewall. This will ensure that Pervasive and Sage Pastel can communicate effectively.

Adding these Pervasive Ports can also assist in preventing specific errors and streamline the speed of the Sage Pastel program.

Refer to article How to add the Pervasive database and ports to the Windows firewall if needed.

User Account Control

Before installing Sage Pastel Accounting please ensure that the User Account Control or UAC is turned off as some of the features for Sage Pastel Accounting do not function properly if the User Account Control is on. Refer to article How do I turn off User Account Control if needed. 

Pervasive not correctly installed

You need to remove Pervasive completely and reinstall.

Author :   Sage   (Original publication)
Published :   2021-06-08