Income Tax Returns 2020 (Individuals)

Tax Season 2020 will cover personal income tax for individuals for the year from 1 March 2019 to 29 February 2020.

Filing Season 2020 opens on 1 September 2020 on SARSefiling

This letter summarises the following relevant information:

DetailPage Number
SARS submission deadlines & Most common supporting documentation1
Forms to be completed by each client (every year and when applicable)2
Tips on your tax affairs, including documentation to retain3 & 4
Relevant Fees (for income tax return submission & notice of objection)4 & 5

To ensure that we will have sufficient time to complete and submit your income tax return, all information and documentation should reach us no later than Monday, 2 November 2020. We do, however, urge you to send your documentation as soon as possible and not wait until November 2020.

Important Dates:

Most common supporting documentation required:

Forms to be completed by every client, every year:

To ensure that we have all the relevant documentation to complete and submit your income tax return within the timeframe given by SARS, please find the following documentation that you will need to complete and return to us as soon as possible:

Forms to be completed, ONLY if applicable – refer to details per form to identify whether applicable:

Here are a few helpful tips that will enable us to ensure the proper completion of your tax return:



Fee for Income Tax Return submission (unchanged from previous year): 

The relevant fee categories are indicated below: 

We will issue a Tax Invoice to you based on the above fee structure. The fee will cover the following:

Fee for Notice of Objection submission:

We will charge a fee of R879.75 (15% VAT inclusive) per notice of objection filed. Before any notice of objections is filed, this will be communicated through to the tax payer, for final review and feedback. Only once we have received payment for the invoice raised for the relevant notice of objection, will the objection be filed.

This fee will only be applicable where we attended to the initial income tax return submission. In other instances, the fee will be based on time spent and will be R661.25 (15% VAT inclusive) per hour.

This fee will then cover the following:

Should you require further clarification on the above, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Ensure the timeously completion of your tax return by contacting us in advance.

Author :   Nikki Kennedy   (Original publication)
Published :   2020-07-16